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Elie Ben Architecture is a residential Architecture firm with over 19 years of experience in commercial and residential architecture. We believe each home should be unique on the outside and comfortable and loving on the inside. Each project should meet the client’s lifestyle and expectation and well-suited to the neighborhood. Marrying form and function creates inspiring designs and charming houses.

Maryam Tabrizchi is the principal Architect and the founder of the Elie Ben Architecture . Her experience includes designing international resorts, commercial high-rise projects, public and private schools and residential projects. She used her extensive experience in architecture to design and build beautiful, welcoming, and family friendly homes. Her interest in residential architecture emanated from her desire to contribute to neighborhood reinvigoration by designing innovative yet appealing homes. Maryam’s experience in residential construction and her knowledge of construction cost enables her to customize plans to meet client’s budget needs.

Elie Ben Architecture works with a team of talented architects, engineers and staff, to ensure quality of workmanship. We are responsive to our clients throughout the entire construction process, and we collaborate with the builders of our projects. 


Maryam's Credentials: ​

  • Licensed in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. 

  • NCARB Certified

  • AIA and MBIA Member

  • University of Florida Master of Architecture

  • Architecture Academic Award from UF

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